Gallery WM primarily dedicates itself to photography. A valuable addition to galleries concentrating on photography, WM aims to present works by young photographers as well as established names. The Gallery WM will also explore the connections between the various visions of photography and, in the future, special cooperative projects will be organized such as combining photography with other media.

“Distortions & Reflections”:
different takes on fractured, altered and reflected reality by Wanda Michalak, Fernando Pontes & Anna Witkowska.

To be viewed from November 28th 2015 through February 1st 2016 at WM Gallery, Elandsgracht 35, Amsterdam. This will be the first exhibition in the newly refurbished and expanded WM Gallery.

On Saturday November 28th 2015, at 17:00 hrs, WM Gallery will have the pleasure to open the exhibition ‘Distortions & Reflections’ by photographers Wanda Michalak, Fernando Pontes and new-comer Anna Witkowska at Amsterdam’s WM Gallery. Distortions & Reflections combines different takes on how the reality around us appears altered, fractured and then reflected unto itself, visually, mnemonically and emotionally.
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